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Entrepreneurial Finance Learning Labs topic | Writer & SEO Analyst
Alpha Keyword: Entrepreneurial Finance
This content, created as part of a larger EdTech product intended to provide tech professionals with access to key learning and development opportunities, provides an overview of the concept of Entrepreneurial Finance and answers to key FAQs needed to help users develop an understanding of the topic. 
Keyword research was conducted in SEMRush to determine the most searched terms within a given tech category, Finance in this case, which uncovered the keyword "Entrepreneurial Finance" (currently possessing an average of 390 monthly searches in the U.S.) as a content opportunity. Using this keyword as the alpha keyword, FAQ questions were then determined by analyzing h2s and h3s on competing pages within the top 5 results for the keyword's search engine results page (SERP), as well as by looking at the SERP's People Also Ask feature and monthly search volume on related keywords phrased as a question within SEMRush. 
Content was then written based off of this research and later optimized with internal links from throughout builtin.com, as well as external links to authoritative sites such as bizfluent.com. Content was then edited, peer-reviewed by an expert within the finance industry, and finally the URL was published. This URL currently owns the Featured Snippet on the alpha keyword's SERP and has maintained top-3 positioning over the past six months (April-September 2022.)
Entrepreneurial Finance Learning Labs Topic
Built In
40 Top Semiconductor Companies to Know 2022 | Writer & SEO Analyst
Alpha Keyword: Semiconductor Companies
This content was specifically created to compete for the alpha keyword "Semiconductor Companies". Uncovered when conducting keyword research in SEMRush on hardware terms within the tech industry, the keyword "Semiconductor Companies" currently possesses a U.S. monthly search volume (MSV) of 4,400 and was determined to be a fit within Built In's existing content strategy at the time of writing. Research was then conducted through platforms like Crunchbase to determine which companies were amongst the top performers within the semiconductor industry and if any of them were already clients of Built In (in which case, they would be highlighted at the top of the page.) 
A total of 40 blurbs were then written, one for each company, along with an introductory paragraph and links embedded to each company's profile page on builtin.com and to a list of any jobs they were currently listing on builtin.com. Links were also added from editorial content published on builtin.com. The content was then edited and the URL published, receiving an average of 1,900 organic sessions per month with 30.6% of this traffic coming directly from the alpha keyword. It currently ranks second on the alpha keyword and has maintained a top-3 positioning since shortly after its initial publish date in September 2020.
Incidentally, this URL also ranks in the first position for the term "Semiconductor Manufacturers (1K MSV) and in the second position for the term "Semiconductor Company" (1K MSV), amongst other top-3 rankings on high-volume related keywords.