Studio Trio
Earth Day Press Release | Writer
Studio Trio is assisting Earth Day Network in battling deforestation through The Canopy Project, rewarding their clients for donating to support our planet and getting involved.
Howl at the Moon
"Pink Pianos Party" Press Release | PR Writer
Each year, Howl at the Moon and Howl | Splitsville renews its dedication to the fight against breast cancer by hosting the "Pink Pianos Party". This press release was written for Howl | Splitsville's Patriot Place location and released to local outlets in Foxborough, MA.
Grand Opening Press Release | Copywriter
Once San Antonio's newest artisanal cocktail lounge was prepared to let all of Downtown in on its unique, stimulating experience, it was time to turn to the press. This press release was distributed to several outlets aiming to build even more excitement around Merkaba's grand opening.