Howl at the Moon
Cocktail & Bucket Menu Photoshoot | Photographer
The fun at Howl at the Moon starts at the bar and there's no better way to get your night off to its most exciting start than by diving into one of Howl at the Moon's 86 oz. buckets. Each comes packed with a mix of perfect flavors and powerful liquors and Howl also features a variety of unique cocktails so everyone can find a favorite of the night.
The Knicks Wall
PUMA Basketball Clyde Court "X-Ray" photos | Photographer
PUMA Basketball re-emerged on the hoops scene this year in a disruptive fashion, signing the NBA's most hyped rookies and controversial outcasts to rock the brand's first basketball shoe in over 20 years, the PUMA Basketball Clyde Court. PUMA sent a pair of the Clyde Court's second colorway, "X-Ray" my way, which I then reviewed for The Knicks Wall complete with photoshoot.
Studio Trio
Online Store Photoshoot | Photographer
Studio Trio is a well-established hair salon based in Lindenhurst, New York, known for cutting-edge style and a desire to create as originally as possible. When Studio Trio needed its products shot for its upcoming online store, I knew they needed a look that would stand out from the rest. The results let each product jump off the page to the customer, capturing shopper attention and leading to more conversions for the store.