Built In
Article Content | SEO Content Specialist
Built In receives more than 60% of its traffic across nine websites due to SEO alone, largely due to a thorough research strategy, data-driven content planning, consistent technical optimization and a powerhouse writing staff. As an SEO Content Specialist, I have helped the team meet and exceed its goals through duties like keyword research, content creation, copy editing, metadata prioritization, link building, analytics reporting, and additional optimizations.  
Howl at the Moon
Music blogging series | Copywriter
When it comes down to it, Howl at the Moon is known for one thing — a rocking live music show. As the venue's copywriter, I created, wrote and published a recurring blog scene dedicated to highlighting current music topics, the rich music history to emerge from every one of Howl at the Moon's home city and what visitors can expect from the venue's unforgettable performances.
The Knicks Wall
PUMA Basketball Clyde Court "X-Ray" review | Author & Photographer​​​​​​​
In 2018, PUMA Basketball re-emerged on the hoops scene in disruptive fashion. By signing the NBA's most-hyped rookies and players to rock the brand's first basketball shoe in over 20 years, PUMA established itself as a brand hungry to reclaim the basketball pedigree it owned through the 70's and 80's. The brand sent a pair of their Clyde Court's second colorway, X-Ray, my way to review for The Knicks Wall.